What We Don’t Do.

Before we get into what we do in greater detail, we want to make it clear what we don’t and won’t do.  

We won’t ever make you feel like you’re bothering us or asking too many questions. AV is a complex topic with many moving parts. We won’t ever charge you for something you don’t need or want. Unfortunately, we hear about this taking place all too often in our industry. We have put a stop to this practice at TouchDown. We won’t blame shift or dodge responsibility. If challenges come up onsite we are quick to own them and correct any issues!  

These are just of the few ways that we are delivering you the customer a better AV experience.



Corporate AV

There is so much more to quality AV than just technology. Our goal is to not only provide the best product and value in our marketplace, but also to develop a lasting partnership with you our clients.

Event Design

From concept to creation, bringing your ideas to life is at the core of our designs. Our goal is to create the space where sound, video and lights intersect and people are inspired to take action all while accelerating the currency of your brand.

Live Streaming

Removing the physical limits of your event and opening it up to a global audience is the true benefit of live streaming. Sound complicated?

Post Production

We love bringing your story to life. From onsite recaps to event promos and everything in between, we will craft a video that engages while it entertains and educates as it inspires. If you’re looking for an engaging video at your next event check out a few examples of our work.


We don’t just do AVL installs, we integrate your culture and mission into the design. We get to know you.We design a concept based on your story.


Sophisticated equipment isn’t enough – proper understanding is the key to maximizing its potential. Confident system operators can make all the difference.